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The articles below can help you better understand why lawyers should have a web site and the various development, web design and marketing phases that come with owning a website.

  1. Article Marketing for Lawyers
    Article marketing is a clever method of promoting a product or service through the use of articles. You simply write articles relating to your expertise. After you've created an article, you share your attorney article with the world wide web.
  2. Using Link Popularity to Increase Traffic
    A business law article about the benefits of link popularity and how to increase the number of quality links to your attorney web site.

  3. The Internet Even Effects Your Ethics
    An article published in the California Bar Journal by Steven A. Lewis, an attorney who advises California lawyers on ethics matters, about the ethical duties and risk management that attorneys must consider when they incorporate technology into their practice.

  4. Five Reasons for Lawyers to Be on the Internet
    A recent New York Times article invited readers to think about the Internet as a huge new city, population 20 million or so, growing rapidly. Several but not all of the reasons I see for attorneys and law firms to be on the Net can be framed in terms of that image. But here are the five reasons I would advance... Peter W. Martin, Cornell University.

  5. Client Confidentiality: A Lawyer's Duties with Regard to Internet E-Mail.
    A law review article for attorneys, by: John B. Kennedy, appearing in The New York Law Journal.

  6. Are You Ready for Local Search?
    Building a web site that provides information about your firm and selling points for consumers creates a win-win situation. So does your web site have all the basic information consumers need to make that initial phone call?

  7. Announcing Your Web Site
    Let the Practical Professor's Guide to Announcing Your Web Site show you how to submit your page quickly, easily, and in a way that you will get a good position in the listings on the web. Chris Maher.

  8. Client Centered Web Sites
    Too many law firm web sites are disturbingly similar to cocktail party boors. This is a key reason why so many are less successful than their owners would like. Jerry Lawson, Web Attorney.

  9. How To Use Meta Tags
    Before getting into further specifics, let's assume you have a page without the tags. The page is titled "My World," with a header that says "Welcome to My World," then a giant graphic image, then a link at the bottom that says "enter." (Did I mention I hate your page?). Search Engine Watch.

  10. Building Links to Increase Traffic and Page Rank
    In the eyes of a search engine there definitely seem to be good links and bad links. Good links will get you higher up the page rankings and onto the top of the listings, bad links at best will be ignored and at worst could actually could against you and your site be listed much lower. By: Pat Ransom.

  11. Maintaining Your Website
    Contrary to what some believe, a web site should definitely not be set up and then forgotten. Over time, information about your company can and will change. If your website remains unchanged, the world will pass it by. A website is not a one-time investment, but something to be cultivated and maintained. By: Tim Priebe.

  12. Using the Internet to Increase Recognition of Your Legal Skills
    There are at least five ways to increase recognition of your legal skills using subtler and more acceptable methods of communication over the web. Stephen Maher, The Practical Professor.

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